Favorite Armor Event - Scion Orbiter

We want to know your opinion what armor sets you like most:

#1 elite 11lv
#2 archlord guard
#3 elite 97lv
#4 elite 90lv
#5 elite 83lv
#6 elite 76lv
#7 elite 60lv
#8 hh 80lv
#9 hh 90lv

Description & Rules

- If you have other cool Scion Orbiter armors that we didn't include to voting welcome to post your own pictures;

- Just choose the set you like most. Voters need add their vote(#1 for example) with character name and level;

- Characters need to be lv80+ and forum account should be one week old at least, please be remember one player only has one chance to vote or even be chosen will lose the reward.

- We will choose 3 random voters and send each one a new unique(ring or necklace) as reward;

- We will post one class each week.

Justac Team


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