Update 11/10/2015

Dear JustAC players,

We took action to change some bad behaviors in game from this server restart:

1. Cheating macro which reduce cast time and remove normal skills blocked;
2. Glitch in wall of Heaven's Hell and Back In Time blocked.

As we announced at the beginning of JustAC running, we won't allow any cheatings here hurt this game. What we are doing and will do is creating all players a fair and health game environment. This priciple will never change no matter how far JustAC can go.

Another thing, we also not satisfied with the outcome of last Best Class should be the unity of best skills and best virtue in JustAC. No doubt it represent ultimate and advanced. We have decided to hold another Best Class match next month and more details will be announced later.

At last, thanks again for everyone's support and accompany which means a lot to us.

May you enjoy the game.

Manual Patch Link
Size: 4.32MB

JustAC Team


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