Happy Easter!


Justac heroes,

May you have a wonderful holiday filled with joy and yummy eggs! Justac also prepared awesome events to celebrate this meaningful festival with our players during March 24 - April 11.
Event1# EXP800+ & normal DROP1000+
Good chance to level up and make money for new players and new characters for old friend.
Event2# Easter eCoins top-up event
When you meet the top-up limit, rewards will be sent to your game account automatically together with your ecoins.

Event3# Balor & Nekros Return

Balor king and Nekros will return Chantra world during Easter holiday, may everyone have chance to meet them and get the gifts. They will appear all over Latria and Desert every hour during event period.
Event4# Infernum Boss Celebration
Prison of Infernum boss-Eidolon Reaper got some problem during holiday since no guards. Emergency for Infernum and hope more helpers there to save.
Event5# Online Easter Gifts
GMs will send some gifts to online players randomly during holiday to thank for long term support to Justac team.
Event6# Sign-in System rewards plus

This is the introduction of Justac sign-in system and there will be more rewards added in except suits. Welcome more participation!
Event7# JustAC Poster Collection

Since limited resources, Justac team collects all kinds of posters related to Justac game without time restriction. Welcome players interested picture designing contribute to our community and rewards will be returned.


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