Justac 2017-2018 Christmas Event

1. Guess Guess  Chat Buff 
All of the five words are about 2017. They are a political person, an event between UK and EU, a cellphone, a prize and our server name.
Put them into the chat bar and will get the following buff:
Physical Damage +50
All Elemental/Dimensional Damage +20
All Stats + 60
Heroic Damage + 50
Normal Drop Rate + 50%
2. Christmas Gift Box
● After maintenance Mobs with Santa Hat would appear whole Chanta world. Kill them and collect Santa Bell/Gloves/Socks/Hat;
● Find the Merry Christmas tree and exchange Christmas Gift Box with 
Santa's Bell x 4
Santa's Socks x 4
Santa's Hat x 4
Santa's Gloves x 4
● Gift List
Better find by yourself :)
3. Suits Sale
There would be Suits Sale on during Christmas & New Year. From December 25 Monday to January 1 Monday.
4. Mass PvP Event
This online event would hold on December 28 after RvR [Europe Evening], more details will post.
Thanks everyone's support and love in the past year, we would make a more bright Justac in the near future.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love you!

Justac Team


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