Happy 7th anniversary of Justac!

Hello justac players:

 It's hard to believe that it has been 7 years since Justac first launched. We could never have done it without your support along the way. We hope you are staying healthy and safe amidest this challenging time, and having plenty of fun with Justac.

1.30% extra XP and Gold !

2.Time-limited free uniques from red event npc!

3.10% discount on elite suit, 50% discount on Wing Chest !

4. "Daily Sign-in" upgrade for event NPCs, to get elite SWIMSUIT with 14 consecutive daily sign-in !

5. Chat event ! 5 words containing "a" in this article.

We have more events coming up in the next few month, and we also plan to finish the Eclipse Episode by the end of the year.



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