Incoming events (Autumn)


Justac Promotion Video Event Series no.1

Hello, we are starting a video promotion event for our server, which will be the first of a promotion series for Justac.

Event duration: 1 October – 20 December.

The video material has to be at least 5 minutes long.
Only video material from Justac Servers is allowed. Otherwise, the application will be ignored.
The video can be created from older Justac video materials.
The video can’t contain any marks of hatred towards other players or racism. Light teases, however, will be accepted.

Rewards will be based on the quality of the video material.

We encourage players to participate. The Price pool will contain top items. You can get items such as: new Royals, new Unique Accessories and many more.

By participating in the event, you consent to the Justac team using your registered video material for promotion purposes.
(Your event video will be reuploaded on the Justac Youtube profile)


The Lucky Oktoberfest

In October, the chance to get the top outcome from the chest / box is doubled. (Double chance applies only to chest / box you can drop or craft, E-Coins items are excluded)


The United Front. Mass PvP Event.

Time: 23 October, 3 PM CEST.
Area: Evergreen Paradise.
Description: Participants will be split into parties of 5 by the GM and will fight to the death against each other. There will be no restrictions on skills or items they can use. The purpose of the events is to have fun and all attendees will be rewarded.
The last standing party from each round will receive an additional reward.


Halloween Best in Class.

Time: 30 October, 3 PM CEST.
Area: Chantra City Areas.
Participating characters can’t be in guilds.
All additional foods/potions are forbidden to use. (Other than E-coin potions)
Class skill restrictions will be minor. Since we have redesigned unblockable heroic skills, there shouldn't be mindless one-bar wins. Restricted skills:
If competitors struggle to kill each other, the fight will be moved to an arena with lower potion recovery.
Description: Players fight each other 1v1 to the first 2 Wins. The winner stays in the arena and fights the next contender until there is no one left to challenge him. The event is based on elimination and there can be only one winner for each class.
Reward: Best in Class Mark and Gold Ticket.

“Best in Class Event” will be repeated every couple of months.


Oktoberfest giveaway!

Event duration: 1 October – 31 October.
Time: During the day and at night at random.
Description: All logged in characters above level 80 will participate in a giveaway. The event time will be unpredictable, with 30s warning before the giveaway. Better keep free space in your inventory!


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