Year of Dragon and Valentines Events

Happy New Year of Dragon! Happy Valentines!

List of events:

1. Additional Exp Event (end: Feb 18)

2. Shop discounts 30% off (end: Feb 18)
Awakening Boost Chest(10)
Cloak Chest(10)
Compound Potion(100)
Dimension Cloak Chest(10)
Incantation Letter of Character Sealing (1)
Incantation Letter of Name Change (1)
Ring Spirit Chest(10)
Secret bag
Super Lucky Charm <14 days>(1)
Talisman of Awakening PLUS<14 days>(1)
Talisman of Heavenly Luck<14 day> (1)
Wing Chest(10)

3. Shop discounts 33% off all suits (end: Feb 18)

4. Chat buffs event (end: Feb 18)
/love /valentines /dragon

5. Sunday Boss Hunt (including Wing Chest hunt events)

Random time spawns (12pm-12am). Location notice will be written.

Sundays: 4-11-18 Feb

These are long-term events, shorter events will be announced closer to the new year (February 9), Valentines (Feb 14) and some only in the game.


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