Easter Events 2024

Happy Easter!
1. Increased Exp event (2 weeks)
2. Set of all new accesories, go to Event NPC and press Easter Event to get rings and necklaces for 30days
- You can get this only for next 7 days (to April 2, server restart)
- You can get only one set
- Accesories are 0/6 please remember about chance of destroying while upgrading slots! We won't give another reward if you destroy it.
3. Limited Bunny Head suits in Chantra Shop with lower price. (2 weeks)
4.Shop discounts 30% off (2 weeks)
Awakening Boost Chest(10)
Cloak Chest(10)
Wing Chest(10)
Ring Spirit Chest(10)
Dimension Cloak Chest(10)
Compound Potion(100)
Incantation Letter of Character Sealing (1)
Incantation Letter of Name Change (1)
Secret bag
Super Lucky Charm <14 days>(1)
Talisman of Awakening PLUS<14 days>(1)
Talisman of Heavenly Luck<14 day> (1)
5. Bunny boss hunting  Sunday March 31 12pm-12am server time (random time and place after notice), same event also Sunday April 7
6. Giveaway Event  145+ Sunday, March 31, random time 12pm-12am, same event also Sunday April 7


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