Let's guess the World Cup

The 2014 Brazil World Cup is taking place. We hold "World Cup Guess" for our players. Do you think which team will win? What's the scores will be? Can you guess the five words about 2014 Brazil World Cup?

1. Guess who will win World Cup 2014
2. Guess scores or winner in following games: England vs Italy Germany vs Portugal Brazil vs Mexico France vs Swiss Belgium vs Russia Spain vs Chile Nigeria vs Argentina Japan vs Greece
1.Only chars with 100 levels or higher can participate the event
2.the guess outcome can not be the one mixed with scores and winners
3.write your main char name with level under your guess 4.the event will begin now and finishes by Monday(Monday is not including) 5.post could not be changed after Sunday.
1.you can get more rewards if you choose to guess the scores
2.we will send you the rewards when the World Cup finishes,
3.when it comes to what the rewards are, it is a big surprise.

PART2 Patch contains secret "World Cup word" event. Guess 5 words total which are about this 2014 World Cup rule of the event : please put "/Nameyouguess" in normal chat and you will also find surprise Have fun and enjoy the carnival!


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