Justac 1st Anniversary Celebration

Justac 1st Anniversary Celebration
A year has passed, we are one year old! We went through it all with you courageous players by our side. To thank you for your continuous love and unbeatable support for Justac, we have prepared a series of awesome events for all of you! More fun, more rewards, more JUSTAC!
Get ready for the best celebration yet?
-Event#1: 500 Times More EXP/DROP
Do you want to be able to reach higher levels in the game but can’t do so? This event will help you reach higher levels and acquire items in a short time.
This event will start from 1st of July and end on 1st of August 2014.
 8PM-2AM CEST Time
-Event#2: Surprising Appreciation Gifts
To treat our players, our technician wrote a new program that can achieve sending out gifts by GM to online players. The kinds of gifts are uncertain, the time of giving out gifts is uncertain, but it is certain as long as you are on the line when it happens every day during the whole month. EXCITING!
This event will start from 1st of July and end on 1st of August 2014.
-Event#3: Firework Carnival Moment
We decide to have a large-scale reunion at 10PM CEST Time on July 2nd to celebrate Justac’s birthday, and we invite all of our players to gather at Tullan. And we will provide all kinds of fireworks for free to welcome this important moment.
We will also give all of our players wedding dresses or tuxedo suits as present on that day. We hope you can wear it to join the big reunion and enjoy it.
1. We will give out the costume purchased tickets to everyone on that day.
2. Find the exchange App arel / additional services NPC in the game.
3. Press “Clothing Exchange services” then “14 days strongest type clothing” then “Next page” then “Evening dress / wedding dress” then “confirm” and “confirm”. Okay, you win!

-Event#4: Recharge Rewards
This event will start from 1st of July and end on 7th of July 2014.
The most practical benefits are coming! We will give our maximum rewards you can never imagine. Okay, please check the specific benefits as follows:
Recharge amount ($) Rewards
0~5 0%
5~10 2%
10~30 4%
30~50 6%
50~100 8%
100~ 10%
Everyone, go, go! Have fun!
Justac Team


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