Suit Changing Event

Hello players,

Weather is hotter day by day and you guys have weared Santa Claus Suit for almost half a year. It's time for us to put on colorful clothes and create different feelings. We will organize the Suit Changing Event from August 6 to September 6.

Event 1. When you recharge more than 2000 ecoins once a time you can get one suit for free. When you complete the payment don't forget to post a ticket to us and tell us your account and character name that you want to wear the suit on and which style of suit you want to own.
Event 2. We will provide one price-cut suit every two days. The suit which will sell 350 ecoins will be 100 ecoins. The style of the suit will be random, you can pay attention to our Chantra Shop.
Thank you for your long-term support!
Best regards,
Justac Team


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