Christmas & New Year Event

Hello dear players,

Christmas and New Year is around the corner, Justac also prepared wonderful events to embrace the amazing holiday.This is the second Christmas we will spend together and thanks for you guys' company, understanding, support and help all the time. We are so glad that we can unite here from all over the world because of our common love--Archlord.
Please allow me to introduce Justac Christmas Event for you.

-Event#1 Surprising Gift
1. Kill mobs with Big Snow and pick Christmas Bell/Gloves/Socks/Hat.
2. Go to find a Merry Christmas tree and exchange for a Christmas Box when you collect:
   Christmas Bells× 4
   Christmas Gloves×4
   Christmas Socks×4
   Christmas Hats×4

3. You can Smile now :P

☆ There are all levels of Big Snow mobs all over the Chantra World, so join it no matter you are Lv10 or Lv120.
☆ You have chance to get these items in Christmas Box:
Rudolf Pet Box random LV from 1 to 10

Cloaks & Wings:
Cloak of Dimension Mastery Lv 6
Infinity Wings<Lv6>

Dark Wings<Lv5>

Attack Prayer Stone<Lv6>
Critical Hit Prayer Stone<Lv6>
Stamina Increase Prayer Stone<Lv6>
Stamina Prayer Stone<Lv6>
Prayer Stone of Knowledge <Lv6>

Giant's Potion Summer Pack
Ligth Speed Potion Summer Pack
Defence Potion Summer Pack
Quickness Potion Summer Pack
Evasion Potion Summer Pack

Glorious Yalquinas Ring
Glorious Rapid Ring
Glorious Werewolf Necklace

Intelligent Yalquinas Ring
Intelligent Rapid Ring
Intelligent Werewolf Necklace

Brilliant Yalquinas Ring
Brilliant Rapid Ring
Brilliant Werewolf Necklace

Chantra Items:
Fortunately Guide (10)  
Letter of Great Pardon (5)  
Pet Reinforcement Manual (5)
Talisman of Heavenly Luck<14 day>
Pet Feed (14days)

-Event#2 Silent Rewards
We will send every player on line a secret Christmas Gift on Christmas Day and New Year Day.

-Event#3 Crazy Discount
There will be various kinds of items on sale at Chantra Shop Limited Discount Section during event period. Each of them only have 100 and you have to buy them at original price if they sold out.

-Event#4 Friendly Facebook

Everyone move your fingers and follow our facebook page Justac Archlord helping us achieve our goal--2525 likes. We will send all helpers 49 ecoins as a thanks gift.(Leave "Merry Christmas"or "Happy New Year " with your character name on timeline)

PS: All of the Christmas Suits will be removed since 1st.January 2015.

Thanks for your attention, have fun!


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