New Server—Classic-AL Beta Testers Recruitment

Hello players,

After long period preparation, new server Classic-AL based on Episode 3 settings is ready to meet us. It's so late for us, but we believe it won't reduce our happiness to welcome it.

First, please allow me to make a short introduction about Classic-AL.
It is created by Justac Team and completes together with lots of players from beginning to end. Max level in the server is only 99 and it owns normal exp & drop which is different with the present server. Its skill settings are based on original Episode 3, which is not strange to loyal Archlord fans.

We also want our players know that new server's opening doesn't mean the present one's closing. We won't abandon Justac but take good care of it as usual. New server only provides another option for players, especially for Episode 3 fans.
And, we hope this action will improve Justac's server lag to some degree. Of course, work on Justac's lag problem will not finish because of new server's appearance. We will not give it up until perfect solution is found. We hope to win your support and understanding like all the time.

About the new server beta test, we are going to hold an Online Question & Answer Contest to choose 20 testers helping us complete it. There will be 20 questions all about Episode 3. One question will produce one tester who has the perfect answer. Further notice will be open when specific time of this event decide.

Again, thanks for your support and love all the time. May the game better and better and the same to everyone here.
~Justac Team~


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