JustAC 2nd Anniversary Celebration Event

Dear players,

Time flies and we embrace JustAc's 2nd anniversary today. It's just like we celebrated its first birthday yesterday and now another year past. Thank you a million for your love and support to us in the past time and we will try our best to provide our players a high-quality server to play. Honestly, we planed to show you guys our work  at JustAc's birthday, however, new adding work still not finish when we are writing this announcement at this moment. So, we have to launch small part of our new this time. But trust us, big surprise will come constantly.

We prepared various events to celebrate JustAC's birthday and will send out limited latest Royal cloaks and Phoenix Wings as rewards.

Event 1# 3rd Season Best of Class Competition
This will be the third time to hold this event in our server and we prepared 12 unique limited anniversary Royal Cloak for each best class winner as champion reward.

-Event Period
Application Time: July 2nd-July 8th
Competition Time: July 10th-July 26th every Friday&Sunday Siege War time during this period

-How to Participate
Players reach Lv120 can apply to join this event.
Please enter this page and reply your character class and name. Be sure you will come on that day.

#1 Glory Title and anniversary Royal Cloak for Final Winner
#2 1000 eCoins for Semifinal Winners
#3 500 eCoins for Quarterfinal Winners

-Competition Rules
1. Competition will consist of quarterfinal, semifinal and final. Signed up will from scene if no enough 8 candidates.
2. No party buffs, Battle Ground buffs or party invitation allowed.
3. Spamming chat, insulting GM and other inappropriate behaviors are not allowed. Once caught will be kick out and deprived competition rights.

PS. Present Best Titles will be deleted when event application begins.

Event 2# Anniversary BBQ
Last anniversary we had celebration party at Tullan city. This time we choose Terranoa to have our Anniversary BBQ Celebration. We will try to ask all GMs join this event, players can get close to them and share stories, jokes and play together.
There will also be BBQ food for players online such as beef, potato,juice and so on.

-BBQ Time: July 2nd Siege war time
-BBQ Location: Terranoa

Event 3# Last Man Standing
-Event Time:July 2nd and July 3rd Siege War Time begins
-Event Location: Battle Royal Arena
-Event Prize: Phoenix Wings<Lv5> (only two, each day one)

Event 4# Fight GM Bolar/Nekros
During JustAC 2nd Anniversary Celebration Period (July 2nd~July 31th), GMs will change to Bolar or Nekros and have fun with our players. Winners killing GM Bolar/Nekros will get a true one as reward.

Event 5# New Volunteers Recruitment

We all know this server is running with limited hands and it won't live until today without our volunteers. Although we are not so brilliant and powerful, we are proud that we have the most awesome volunteer team, they are writing JustAC's glory history with their hard work both at forum and in game.

Now, since the needs of community, we are finding more enthusiastic players joining us and help us improve the game.
If you love this server and would like to become one of us, please move to this page

Event 6# Anniversary Recharge Discount Event
Just as last birthday, same recharge discount event will be held from July 2nd to July 8th.

Here is the specific ratio:
Recharge amount ($)  Rewards
0~5                     0%
5~10                    2%
10~30                   4%
30~50                   6%
50~100                  8%
100~                    10%

For example,
If you recharge 11 dollars, then you can get 11*100*(1+0.04%) = 1144 dollars.
4$     => 4*100*(1+0%)       => 400 eCoins
6$     => 6*100*(1+2%)       => 612 eCoins
20$   => 20*100*(1+4%)     => 2080 eCoins
40$   => 40*100*(1+6%)     => 4240 eCoins
60$   => 60*100*(1+8%)     => 6480 eCoins
100$ => 100*100*(1+10%) => 11000 eCoins

Seize the chance, get the good!

Just enjoy it!


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