Server Problem Progress


Dear players,


Firstly, we allow us to make apologies for the unstable server in the last days, we feel real sorry about the inconvenience that brought to you. Because of the DDos Attack most of the players were unable to enter game. We devoted into the fixing once this issue happend. However, adding more protection to game also make some players get trouble entering game.

This is the manual patch for latest protection update
if you have trouble to enter game please download and cover this file.
Of course, if this doesn't work for you please contact us with your error information, we will not give up any chance to make this issue well finished.

We can fully understand players' lost during this period and compensation to all will happen when server is totally stable.

As we announced before we will not just go away and leave so many loyal Archlord players alone that easily. Let's be togeter, as longer as we can.

Thank you again for your true support and holding on.

All the best for us,
Justac Team


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