To Justac/Classic Players

Dear players,
Three years ago, with official shut down and there is no place for all Archlord lovers, Justac was born. Everything goes so well during these three years, we have up and down. Even though Justac is a pretty small team, it tried hard to be creative and different. "Best Class", "Your Story with Archlord", "Anniversary", "Be Together" these special memory are just like yesterday and are only belong to us, who joined by themselves.
There is no doubt that Justac is created for players, for Archlord lovers. It can grow up today from a small baby without all players' support and care. It's you who give all kinds of creative ideas and suggestion which irrigate it and make it more mature and playable. Three years make a pale Archlord files to a active and colorful Justac. Every player can find their own trace and contribution in the world. It's a game, it's an unforgettable memory and experience. 
On the first day of Justac we have made the promise among the small team that we want our players to be the happiest players in the world. We would try hard to help players solve problem and provide them pleasure as possible as we can. With time goes on, the emotion is deeper and deeper. We even dare to hope that run the game as long as our life and be together with this group of players until we are too old to work and you guys are too old to play. Just like in real life, it is extremely hard to make everyone happy even if you have try every effort. In the past three years, we don't even have a holiday with family and even a full sleep. We have to prepare events and make sure server run properly during holiday and summer day. There are numerous nights we have to wake up once server goes down. This is not complaint, this is our choice, we even feel happy as long as the server is alive. We also get lots of criticism and even bad words from players, but once think there are lots of players need us we want to persist. To realize old players' hope, we also opened Classic even if there is no profit and we need to pay the expense by ourselves. Yes, life is realistic, we still want to spare a place here for all of us and hold a simple belief. We are here, for those who love Archlord and us. We are afraid to see players' disappointed faces.
It is known that both Justac and Classic servers are stable these years. However, several months ago, there are something bad appeared in game. We have to admit that we invest most of our energy and time into the fight with cheating tools. All players are aware that game fairly is always our principle and we would create a fair and healthy game environment at all costs. We have to be honest that this have seriously influence the game update which all players have been expecting and waiting for long time and now it is getting worse and worse because the servers can not even be normal status. Since three days ago, both servers have got severe attack and obviously this affect all players' normal playing recently. Here we apologize all these inconvenience brought to you. As you believe, we are not surrender to blackmail, we would continue servers and last the Archlord legend. Give us more time to respawn with full HP and Justac and Classic would be as strong as before.  
We dare not forget the initial reason of why we started it. This is Justac, a matter of heart. Yours, ours.
Thank you!


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