Update 01/05/2020 - New content of Eclipse

Hello justac players:

For more information about "Shadow Of the Eclipse" please refer to section "Eclipse Episode"

General update information:

1.Gold Ticket exchange in game

We tested this functionality very carefully and should be no problems with it, but for first few weeks please make a game snapshot of item before you will expand it with gold ticket, and report us if something doesn't work proprely.

2.Remove 3% XP lose by PvP
3.Change Bounty Cost for 200.000.000
4.Change price of Letter of Great pardon (5) from 150ec to 30ec
5.Siege PvP status change from colliding to transparent
6.Reset PvP Arenas in city

we have prepared City PvP Arenas for future Events and more common players use.

Tullan Guild Battle Arena for 50% recovery potion
Trilgard Guild Battle Arena for 40% recovery potion
Deribele Guild Battle Arena for 30% recovery potion
Stull Guild Battle Arena for 20% Meduim Vitality potion
RvR buffs are restricted

7.Lens effect is disabled to test for lags and xcrash

Manual patch:


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