Welcome Back

Dear Players,

Welcome Back! The rebooted JustAC server will be ready for all players starting Friday, April 30th at 9PM France/Germany Time (CEST)!

Registration is open now, and the new game client will be available for download on Friday.

We also would like to remind you:

Please do not register with logins and passwords from other Archlord servers, other game servers, or credentials that have been compromised in the past;
Please do not use easy-to-guess names as your account and password such as 1234, 11111, qwerty etc;
Please do not share new login and password with anyone;
Please do not create accounts for friends, and use your e-mail for registration (needed for account recovery or 2nd password);

To learn what is planned for each stage of server reboot: http://forum.justac.net/index.php?topic=22.0
Please consult this thread for the main changes of stage one:  http://forum.justac.net/index.php?topic=23.0

We would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging time. We are glad to have you back.

Thank you,

JustAC Team


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