Happy 7th anniversary of Justac part II !

Hello justac players:

 We hope you are staying healthy and safe amidest this challenging time, and having plenty of fun with Justac. :)

7th Anniversary part II content:

1.Anniversary title "Justac 7th Anniversary"
Anniversary cupons drops from Baloon monsters now (if you still need Event Tokens just refine 10 Coupons in refinery machine for it)

2.Anniversary Time-limit Uniques at NPC (can be obtained for 2 weeks, duration time 1 month)

3.10% discount on elite suit, 50% discount on Wing Chest !

Halloween content:

1.Pumpkin Head 100 Ecions limited to 100 for each class.

2.Weekend +10% exp bonus for next 4 weeks.

Other changes:
1.Fixed c++ runtime error and freeze in game.
2.Fixed Sudden Deluge and Break Armor skills.
3.Buff of lower stage can now replace buff of better stage (no more miss if you buff up by mistake with lower stage, change does not affect party buffs).
4.Monster in Eclipse and Infernum map are now more vulnerable on critical hits (change not affect Bosses) to allow critical class level up much easier than before.
5.Removed nickname and chat restriction in Infernum.


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