Happy Christmas and New Year 2021!

Merry christmas Justac players:

  We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. So grateful for all the great memories we share in the past year, thanks for your support! We have prepared 10 events as below for you guys, hoping you will have a wonderful time that is happy in every way in Justac !

1.Exp & Gold 30% bonus
duration: 1 month

2.Xmas Tree Hunt Event in Spores of Joy
duration: 1 month, level easy - consecutive boss spawns/lower value drop

3.Rudolf Hunt Event in Latria
duration: 1 month, level hard - 30min spawns/higher value drop

4.Chat Buff Event (duration: till the end of year)
Hints for words:
 - try to sign Castle Siege War
 - win a GvG
 - take a walk near Human or Orc or Moonelf Fortress (turn on bubble chat option)
 - listen music wandering South Gate
 - discover interesting life of ants

5.Additional Rudolf Find events
whole world, weekends, random time, announcement in game

6.Xmas Items Givaway events
weekends, random time, announcement in game

7.Santa suits discount to 100ec (221 pieces each class shopping limit)
10% discount all Elite suits
50% discount Wing Chest, Cloak Chest, Cloak box

8.Time-Limited Santa hats event
Event NPC, duration: 1 month (2 weeks for obtain also)

9.Christmas Title event
access XmasFast Travel NPC to Spore of Joy or Latria
+10% Heart of Scion upgrade chance

10.Xmas DIY forum event (duration 1 month)
Create handmade decoration for Xmas Tree or for table/house with Archlord theme.
Post a photo in special thread (add #JustacXmas hashtag wrtitten on paper visible on photo).
Be creative! We will appreciate nice ideas and effort.
Additional rewards will be granted if decoration is made by a child (do not post child face on picture please - censor it!).
Special additional rewards will be granted by children judges of Justac Staff try to hit the children's taste


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