Stage 3 informations

Dear players,

We're saying goodbye to Stage 2 and opening the final map for levels 120-150 (Eclipse). The entrance to it is located in the north-eastern part of Deribelle.

Other changes:

Increasing exp to 1000%.

Opening of the new Ancient Heroes dungeon http://forum.justac.net/index.php?topic=16.0

3-hours Tesseris Challenge on the Eclipse Map, start at:
1 am
1 pm
8 pm
Please note that a certain level is required to receive a drop.

RvR schedule changed:
0:10 am
12:10 pm
7:10 pm

End of events in Latria (Fat Green Worm and The Moonster).

A new boss Kaligo has been added to Chaotic Frontier that spawns every 15 minutes.

Changes to the level rewards system.

Gold Tickets added that can be obtained in various ways (as a reward for hunting boss or level reward).

A new title has been added - Ancient Hero.

New items added to Chantra Shop (Safe Keeper - remote acces to Safe Keeper, Center of Chaos Passport, Evacuation Camp Passport)

New unique accessories, cloaks, new stones has been added to Refinery.


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