Summer changes and events

Most of the requests were to make the game easier for new players so we present the following changes and events.

We have splitted Guilds/Sieges influence from the main mechanic of the game. Guilds won't decide anymore about taxes for merchants or skill trainers.Thanks to that certain items or skills cost could be greatly reduced in price allowing players to have a very fluent start into the game.

Following that change we introduced new experience and drop settings that allow players to have more pleasant experience with character progress, but won't harm the server economy.

We invite you to participate in the Event for tutorials for new players. Tutorials can be in the form of videos or articles on the forum.
They should be about issues on how to cope with the game, or specific advice  or builds for specific classes. Players have two months to add tutorials in the Tutorials section. Please add the tag: #event in the title. The prizes will be Royal Cloak, Gold Tickets, Superior Manuals and others, we will judge the form of the tutorial and the content. Rewards can be given even before the end of the event.

Discounted Chantra Shop outfits for Summer Events are Swimsuits. Limit of 200 pieces of each type for the price of 150ec.

Additional information:

1.A new item has been added to the shop: Secret Bag, which allows you to unlock 5th bag in inventory.
2.Fixed trash bin functionality in inventory.
3.Resurrection Orb stack changed from 10 to 9999.
4.Eclipse Chest & Kaligo box improvements.
5.Removed Chaotic Passport from Merchant, access to Chaotic Frontier no longer requires a passport.
6.Castle owners will receive a permanent reward of 3B for winning / holding a castle. Castle Rensphere owner will  get a one time 10B reward.
7.Temporary accessories are added to the level rewards, 1lv and 130lv. The duration of the accessories is 1 month from obtain.
8.Cooldown reduction for all Heroic Attack Skills
9.Fixed tooltips for all HP/MP recovery option/stones
10.Increase duration for cooking items
11.Reduced sale price for Realm/True Armours
12.Turn Off Other Player's Effects" option removes now all effects (character relog needed to apply), this is changed for the test period.


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