Summer has ended, and to sweeten the autumn time for you, the Justac team prepared many new features and game improvements.

New Justac logging process.
We believe this game always deserves more than it already has, especially when it comes to fair play. That is why we aim to make the Justac server as fair as possible in every aspect of the game. Since we were aware that a lot of people are using a 3rd party program to speed up the login process, we had to do something about it. That is why we would like to present the Justac approach to quality of life with our new launcher, which allows you to save and login many accounts with just one click of the button. We hope that that feature will ease the game for many players.

Added deterministic way to obtain Gold Ticket by Refining:
9999 Reinforcement Potions + 100 Archondrites + 500m

Improvement in classes, tooltips updated, most of the changes are numeric values:


Increased range of skills for all melee characters to 9m.
Increased base speed of weapons:

    One-Handed Sword
    One-Handed Axe
    One-Handed blunt
    Two-Handed Sword
    Two-Handed Halberd

Reduced delay times for:

    Auction House

Armour Lottery Defence attribute transformed to Heroic Defence, all items will update automatically.
No more login with the radar turned on.
Normal monsters will receive 33% more damage from critical strikes.
Rescaled Critical Resistance for Combined Absolute Defense Prayer Stone*.
Shield Resistance Prayer Stone gives now Elemental and Dimensional resistance.
Ultimate Jewels can no longer be obtained from Eclipse Casket or Kaligo Box.
Eclipse Caskets no longer contain Nectars.
Eclipse Casket now contains combined stones 1-4 levels.
Shields can now be extended to 4 slots with Gold Ticket.
Fixed a passive bug for Elite type of suit.
Fixed Elementalist Summons in Chaotic frontier.
Fixed General Tesslon debuff bug.

* We don’t want to force players with already complete armour parts to reset whole items in case they didn’t care for the previous Combined Absolute Defense Prayer Stone. For the next 30 days, you can write a ticket with a request to swap your Physical Resistance Prayer Stone<Lv6> for a Combined Absolute Defense Prayer Stone of any level. To do that, you have to provide a Superior Fortune Manual and a stone.

Manual patch: http://update.justac.net/patch_01_10.zip
After update the client please run patch.bat file from main game folder to get new launcher.
Soon we will update full client on website.


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