Future Changes / New Episode / Anniversary

Hello, firstly we want to apologize for Justac team's inactivity in the last couple of months. We do know that any explanation won’t be enough to redeem us in the eyes of our community. Yet, we want to explain that whole update plans were delayed by personal problems of our critical staff member without we couldn't continue any further work.

And now is the time for some good news. For the last 2 weeks we are again our full staff, and we manage to complete an update to refresh some parts of the game. And that’s not even the beginning of our future plans, which contain the biggest Episode we were working on in secret before difficulties occurred. New monsters, new mechanics, new visuals and rebuilt guild system are only a small peek at what we are working on right now.
The Episode is created in a very responsible way, so you don’t have to worry that your priciest possessions lose their value. We also saw your feedback on game suggestions and some of them will be implemented with future release.
Game updates aren't the only good thing that will occur on episode release. We plan the series of events which connects to the time of release for the Awakening of the Ancients. And you know it’s our 10th birthday, so the rewards should be huge.

Nothing more for us to write right now, except we are very grateful for all of you that stayed with us to this day. We wish you a very nice summer and for us, it’s time to get some work done.

                                    Justac Team.


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