Xmas & New Year Events 2023

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

List of Christmas and New Year's events:

1. Additional Exp Event (duration: 1 month)

2. Shop discounts 30% off (end: 31 December)
Awakening Boost Chest(10)
Cloak Chest(10)
Compound Potion(100)
Dimension Cloak Chest(10)
Incantation Letter of Character Sealing (1)
Incantation Letter of Name Change (1)
Ring Spirit Chest(10)
Secret bag
Super Lucky Charm <14 days>(1)
Talisman of Awakening PLUS<14 days>(1)
Talisman of Heavenly Luck<14 day> (1)
Wing Chest(10)

3. Event NPC items (you can get till 23 December, duration of items 30 days)

Xmas Hats
Unique Accesories

4. Xmas Tree Event (duration: 1 month)

Hunt area: Spores of joy

5. Bad Santa Event

Random time spawns (12pm-12am). Location notice will be written.

Saturdays: 16-23-30 December and 6 January

Additional small events will be announced later.


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