The Shinewood wave clear requirement has been changed, and waves are changing automatically after the wave time limit of 10–15 minutes.
Shinewood monsters no longer stun, but their aggression range has increased.
All waves have a chance to drop the Sarcophagus.
The drop-balance of items from the Awakening of the Ancients episode has been improved, including the drop from the Sarcophagus.
Upgrading the tools from level 1 up to level 6 no longer requires gold, and the amount of Archondrites needed to refine has been reduced significantly. (http://forum.justac.net/index.php?topic=1091.msg4435#msg4435)
Being in a party no longer reduces drop rates.
The Heart of Scion stones are now available to put inside accessories. (We won't provide a service for stone exchange in already existing accessories)

Reduced the cooldown for all Heroic attacks in every class from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
Various numeric changes to the majority of classes.
Major changes in the mage class. “Antimagic” is no longer unblockable and removes only one effect; its cooldown has been reduced to 10s. Mage gained a massive buff to movement speed and gained access to the anti-stun skill.
Mage and Sorcerer passive “Hawk Eye” power has been increased up to 15m.
Hunter skill “Cure” duration has been reduced to a maximum of 90 seconds; the class gained a buff to movement speed and improved dot damages.
Swashbuckler Class skills no longer require a “Masquerade Master” to extend their numbers.
The Ranger class got a passive with an increased skill range up to 15m.
The Elementalist skill “Increase Gate” now allows you to summon more monsters.

Minor changes:
Test Dummy HP increased.
Changed the Fortune Manual icon to not be confused with the Super Fortune Manual.

We are extremely sorry that this update to the content came at least 4 months too late. Unfortunately, our team can only do such an update as a group effort, and one of our critical members has severe real-life problems. We hope they will soon be over, so we can update more regularly.


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