With a long delay, but they are finally here. We have added the following Cloak designs to the game.
The recipe for making cloaks does not change, but instead of a standard cloaks (Protection, Madness, Wonder), you will receive a box after opening which will drop one of the designs.
Many players have asked for an alternative in the form of an ECoin item, but most proposals would mean a drastic reduction in trade between players. This is an important element of the game that builds interaction between players, and regulates server's economy. We decided to add an item that will not spoil these relationships too much. The item will allow you to re-draw the design and it will also be possible to use it with already made cloaks.

Additionally, we are planning an in-game event. On the weekend of 27-28,  GM will be making trades with players in Tullan.
For each necklace with a new royal, GM will give an empty identical necklace [0/3] and a new royal that was in the necklace.
The service will be a one-time event.


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