Update (09/14/2013)

Removing Ultimate Starter Package.
Adding Pet Food (3 Days) to Animal Breeder.
Adding Pets to Animal Breeder.
Removing Lens 500.
Adding Gem of Origin.
Adding Talisman (EXP boost superior).
Deleting Letters, say good bye to Dupe and Glitch on this way.
Might Prayers Stones Fixed.

Adding Lens 5000 (all lens are replaced by Non On/Off) to the following:
Merchant Lydia
Merchant Izuran
Merchant Losemira
Merchant Vainton

Dash start at 22% Movement Speed.
Cost of skills reduced by 30% to 80% (mana) on the following skills:
Arctic Strike: 60 instead of 200
Pressure Blast: 55+ instead of 200+
Flashfire: 40+ instead of 90+
Thunderbolt: 55+ instead of 150+
Enervate: 90 instead of 100+
Ghost on the arrow: 70+ instead of 250+
Biting Strike: 70+ instead of 250+
Scorpion Trap: 75+ instead of 300+
Cloud of Arrows: 75+ instead of 300+
Bow of Meditation: 110+ instead of 320+
Intimidate Blow: 75+ instead of 300+
Hurricane of Death: 150+ instead of 450+
Lower levels skills: 30% to 50% reduction.
Skill Dot increase and Skill Damage increase(HH) : Hurricane of Death.
Skills effect duration of Sharp Shooter increased, CD Increased.

Average Damage increase through Elemental Magi passive.
Skills effect duration of Soul Barrier increased, CD Increased.

God Like is actually at 75%, i will test that one for "Fear" problem on next patch.

Scion Orbiter:
Overall damages reinforced.

Scion Slayer:
Slight reduction in Critical Hits and Resistance through: Zen Shield and War Cry.

Scion Summoner:
Reduced Heroic resistance in Obliterating Breath by 10%.


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