Announcement of bot using problem

Recently, we have received lots of reports about Chinese and Korean using bot which annoy most of players and us of course, and we also spent energy and time solving it. We will punish those players who use it. Once we find anyone who use it we will ban their account. What we have done is to create a friendly atmosphere and anything undermines this goal will be forbidden. We accept every player’s report, once we check it true we will ban them.
We feel very sorry for the trouble this problem bring to us, and we need players’ support to make Justac better and better.
Here is the list we ban today because of bot using(all of them will be banned permantly)
Account               Character Name         
youxia16888            19168
wd515806              515525
tangjian005             Eiement5
mengqy89892           3110148
datang1157a            Dajidali
rr869kl                 Kolicoreo
Justac Team


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