About Chinese Players

I am here just want to make some explanation about Chinese players in this game.

First of all, Justac is a worldwide game, we welcome everyone come here no matter where you come and no matter what's your color. Chinese are friendly people in the game, maybe they do not speak too much English, but they play much harder than us.I believe there are already people have Chinese friends in game, they should tell you the truth about them than many words here.

Secondly, there were many reports about Chinese players, like glitch in wall or bot. However they are only the small part of them and these people can't represent all Chinese players. Indeed, most of them play fairly in this game.Of course we won't give up banning players who cheat wherever you come from.

Lastly, we hope Justac can be a warm place to everyone and people can enjoy beautiful time here. That's our final goal and we will work for it with all of you.

~Justac Team~


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