Update-final vision of rebalance 5/11/2014

Update--Final version of rebalance 5/11/2014

Hello players,
We will release new rebalance and ashtals+15 this time. The following picture will present you more details about the rebalance.

After long-term hard work and constant modifying, new rebalance meet us finally. Honestly, our team has tried amolst every effort to achieve it. From collecting various opinions in the beginning to overcame difficulities until it complete, every step is very hard Of course, thanks for everyone's suggestion, help and support during this process. It's you make us reach here.

Though we all know there is no rebalance that can please everyone, we are willing to change. Because we want to bring hope and faith to our loyal and honest players. Justac is not dead and won't. We are working hard everyday to make it alive and full of energy. We will bring more and more new to you. None of us can't give up in the game, in reality. We can make it as long as there is faith in our heart. Justac will always be with you, no leave and no forsake.

Communication is always the best way to solve problems. Contact us if you get trouble. Anyone who destroy this lovely and healthy community will not get any support from our team. We love our players and will provide best service in return. QQs and insults are not welcome.
How to contact us:
Siegemo1, Siegemo2 and GM-Julia in game
Post ticket to helpdesk via forum
Write email to justacservice@gmail.com
Leave message to Facebook--Justac Archlord

PS: We also announce the statistics about the popularity of each class at this stage as a recommand for you to choose new class to play.

Thank you again.

more details about rebalance: http://i.imgur.com/Oq1dKrY.jpg
popularity of each class: http://i.imgur.com/gcIsvmB.jpg?1


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