Hello from the Justac Volunteer Team

Hey everyone!

A warm hello and well met from Volunteer team! They are here to help you feel welcome, answer any questions you might have, and listen to your feedback about game and Justac community in general. Contact them when you get in trouble in game or on forum, they will try every effort to help you out.

The Justac Volunteer Team includes:
Character              Forum
Slayall                    Slayall
Strapon                  Jigsaw
Darkfild                  Darkfild
Biomaster             Biomaster
Cubicloop             Cubicloop
Tankard                 Natastor
Emere11e             Emere11e
Gtxgunz                  Gtxgunz
Fulkol                     Fulkol
Pornomage          Trolli

Volunteers will help players in game when they needed and keep Justac Community warm and organizing and promoting polite and constructive discussions. Volunteerss are not employed by Justac and get no pay for their work. Rather, they've expressed a desire to help the game and community better through volunteering their valuable time and energy on this server, and help make the forum a good place where players can get help and make their voices heard. Here, we have a proposal that please respect their work and respect them. Thanks in advance.

Please feel free to contact them if you need help. You can also find our community on forum and Facebook and feel free to write your ideas or suggestion about game. We are always here waiting for you!

Thanks for your attention!


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