Announcement of Siege/Archlord & Back in Time

Dear JustAC players,


In the past a week, we did a lot of work on survey of players' opinions about Back In Time reforming and Siege/Archlord War time changing.Here, thanks a million to players who joined our discussion and sending pm/tickets/facebook/emails to us.

We can understand everyone and their situation deeply. Most of our players are adults, you have to make your living and take care of your family(just as me). We can't play game day and night as before. However, it's so hard for us to give up this game, for you, for me, because it's Archlord.Yes, it's our Archlord, which contain too many people's beautiful memories.  No matter how hard it is, we will never abandon it and will keeprunning it maybe untill we have no energy to stay up working physically or mentally, until all of us are very old. We hope it can be a server whichcompany us very very long. We come from all over the world, we may know someone very well but can't see their real face in the whole life. We are so busy for living but can enjoy happiness when back home entering game. So cool, right?

Back to Siege/Archlord time changing, this is an international server and it's too hard to solve time difference problem. When you can play, it's mysleeping time; when I can play, it's time for you to have meals/go church/going out/dating/working/movies and so many. So we hope we canunderstand each other in this community and feel grateful to others' sacrifice.

After long time considering, we decide to make it on every Saturday which is two hours earlier than current time.
Asia:Beijing 02.00hrs, Korea 03.00hrs
Europe: London 19.00, Paris 20.00hrs
America: Washington 14.00hrs, Rio de Janeiro 16.00hrs

Back in Time open timetable:
Period1# Asia: 20.00-23.00 BEIJING Time
Period2# Europe: 21.00-23.00 LONDON Time
Period3# America: 21.00-23.00 WASHINGTON Time

We will make this timetable for testing months and make modification if needed.

Thank you for your patience and support.

JustAC Team


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